While the principles and personality of our core identity will be the main guideposts for your writing style, we'll dig a little deeper here into some Do’s and Don'ts to help you refine your messaging and really dial into our voice for pitch-perfect copywriting.

How do we project our voice? So that it will carry across the world to resonate with the global community of makers in a language everyone can understand and be inspired by.

Use Active voice

Use the active voice. Avoid passive voice

Write in plain English

Avoid technical jargon, arcane industry slang, and over-complicated words.

Write positively

Use positive language rather than negative language.

Write concisely

Use fewer words when possible and break long sentences or passages into multiple shorter ones. Avoid fluff and creative sprawl. Time is a premium for our customers.

Be fresh

Be fresh and new in every single phrase that you write. Especially headlines. If you’ve seen some hackneyed phrase 100 times before (like “tomorrow today!” or “the future is now” or “turning ordinary into extraordinary”) Delete. Put in the extra effort. Dig deep to create an entire new channel for creativity to flow, just like we’re helping Productboard customers to do.

Avoid idioms

It’s hard to resist the temptation to play off of well-known English idioms, but we have a global market where they don’t always resonate as they should. Familiar sayings to us can leave non-English speakers scratching their heads. Be clever, be creative, but be plain-spoken and straight-speaking. We do make occasional exceptions for hyper-casual, fun social posts. Just try to avoid any but the most obvious for official messaging.