Core Identity

Make products that matter, together.

Before you dive into the nuts and bolts of design and messaging, it helps to know who we are and where we’re going as a brand. Especially since you’ll be helping us get there. So here it is — our defining, core brand identity.

Have you ever encountered a product that feels like it was designed with you in mind? Something you now can't imagine living without, or even how you managed to get by before without it? Whether it helps simplify your life and/or work, or entertains and informs you like never before, these products add real value to the lives of users.

Simply put, Productboard is on a mission to help product teams around the world make products like these — products that truly matter to the people who use them. Innovative products that break new ground, push technology forward, and maybe even society as well. Or at least make us smile for a minute.

We also understand that no product is a creation of a single individual. It’s the culmination of a concerted effort by a diverse team of people working together in unison with common purpose toward a common goal.

Whether their goals are modest or major, we help product teams unearth insights pulled directly from real customer feedback to inspire their next big product launch and inform them of what their customers truly want. We then help them come together as a team to manage the development process and guide themselves toward realizing their dream — whether it's a moonshot that will change how the world works or plays, or a feature upgrade that will simply change the way you feel about your day.

Our Promise

Our central brand promise, the touchstone that drives our entire mission, is to provide clarity to our customers on their journey to Product Excellence. That means clarity of customer wants and needs, as well as clarity on their roadmaps to reach their goals as a team and organization.

Our Vision

At Productboard we envision a world full of extraordinary products. Products that open the doors to new ways of thinking and doing— propeling society forward with innovative insights, exceptional functionality, and immense delight. We are exhilarated by the sense of wonder that inspires these bold creations and the courage it takes to turn these visions into reality. And we want to inspire those visionaries in turn, giving them the tools they need to focus their vision with a clarity to see it through to realization.